Kremers (1997)

Master's Thesis

How Arabs talk to each other about themselves (1997)

A corpus-based study of the use of the expressions nafs ‘self’ and baʕḍ ‘each other’ in Modern Standard Arabic.

Note that the Arabic examples in the PDF file are defective: certain characters are consistently missing from the transcription. You will need to be familiar with Arabic in order to reconstruct the original Arabic examples from the glosses.

Kremers (2003)

PhD Thesis

The Arabic noun phrase: A minimalist approach (2003)

A theoretical analysis of the Arabic noun phrase within the framework of Chomsky’s (1995) minimalist syntax.

Kremers (2017)

Postdoctoral Dissertation (Habilitation)

Prosodic Syntax (2017)

A study of the links between syntax and phonology. By extending the model of Prosodic Morphology (McCarthy & Prince 1995) to syntax, it becomes possible to describe the interaction between syntax and phonology in an interesting new way. Morphology, in this model, is merely that part of syntax that directly interacts with concrete segmental phonological forms, while “syntax” interacts with phonology more indirectly.

This dissertation also argues, contrary to what is sometimes assumed in theoretical syntax, that connectionist models can and should inform theoretical models of language.

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